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Whether it’s kids running around upstairs or neighbors complaining of noise downstairs, we often find our homes are noisier than they really have to be. Fortunately, soundproofing your home can be as simple as you like or as detailed as you prefer. While you can certainly replace your home’s flooring for noise reduction, you won’t necessarily have to. Here are a few tips to get started.


While it’s no surprise that carpet naturally leads to noise reduction, there are a few ways that it can be made even quieter. For example, many homeowners are using memory foam carpet cushion. Not only is it more comfortable, memory foam cushion significantly reduces (or even eliminates) the noise from steps, drops and even home theater systems.

Area Rugs

Although area rugs are often used to enhance style and comfort, they’re also a great choice for reducing noise. They’re versatile enough to compliment the style of any flooring and can placed in high traffic areas, and (again) under home theater systems. If you’re using the rug to cover hardwood flooring, you can reduce noise even further by using a rug pad. Similar to carpet cushion, a rug pad uses memory foam (or a similarly plush material) to reduce noise and improve comfort.

Acoustical Flooring Underlayment

Another benefit to hard surface flooring, acoustical underlayment can help reduce noise both in room and between building levels. These underlayment options are typically made of rubber and are designed to fit perfectly underneath your hardwood panels. And just like your panels, they can be fitted for any size room.

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