These days, we’re all looking for new ways to keep our homes cleaner. Historically, many homeowners believed that this meant avoiding carpet floors. After all, they had a habit of absorbing stains and filling the home with allergens. But what if your carpet actually help promote a cleaner home? That’s just what Mesmerizing does. We’ll discuss how it does this and why we chose it for our product spotlight.


Microban is a rising star among antimicrobial treatments. Its recent claim to fame stems from the unique ability to serve as an additive that still fights bacterial, mold, and viral growth. It’s also effective at fighting the odors caused by the microbials that it kills.

Microban is applied to our Mesmerizing carpet during the manufacturing phase. This allows it to become part of the carpet’s construction, rather than serving as a treatment that must be reapplied periodically. Microban also eliminates odors, including those caused by pets. It is guaranteed to maintain its protection for the life of the carpet.

Comfort Soft SD Solution Dyed Polyester

You may have noticed that some carpet floors lose their color over time. This is especially true in areas where sunlight frequently spreads unevenly across a room. Indeed, exposure to light and high-traffic conditions can make most carpet dyes fade over time.

However, Mesmerizing’s colors aren’t dyed the way that most carpet fibers are. Instead, the color is actually built into the ingredients of the fibers themselves. In other words, the color isn’t just applied to the surface of the fiber; it can be found right down to the core. This prevents fading both from exposure to light and from wear over time. The color is guaranteed to last the life of the carpet.


Of course, you’ll want Mesmerizing’s color to last because it’s one of the most stylish carpet options currently available on the market. It actually builds on three of interior design’s hottest trends: patterns, bold colors, and artisan designs. Beautiful geometric shapes blend with others to create new shapes and patterns of their own. Mesmerizing offers a variety of earth tones, all of which come together to uniquely reflect the touch of a skilled artisan.


Polyester is known for its durability. It’s resistant to wearing and abrasions, even in high-traffic areas. Mesmerizing is also guaranteed to maintain its texture for 10 years.

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