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Laminate flooring has been around for some time, but modern innovations are allowing it to offer more styles, colors and performance than ever. So, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen laminate flooring become one of the most popular trends in interior design. Here, we’ll take a closer look at a few reasons for laminate’s recent success.

Laminate: The New Hardwood

Traditional solid hardwood flooring offers amazing natural aesthetics, but it does have its limitations. Solid hardwood is susceptible to expansion and buckling from both moisture and temperature changes. As a result, other, more versatile flooring types are now being designed to resemble hardwood. Among them, laminate has led the way, and we expect this to continue in 2019.

So why is laminate often preferred over the real thing? It begins with the construction, which actually starts with real wood – it’s used to build the inner core. From there, a stable backing is built underneath, while the decorative layer is placed on top. This decorative layer is then covered in a treatment that offers protection against damage and moisture.

The result? Many selections offer more versatility and stability. Even better, some laminate floors feature a completely waterproof design. And, of course, laminate maintains its size and shape regardless of temperature changes.

On modern selections, the decorative layer can be designed to replicate the look and even texture of authentic hardwood with nearly perfect accuracy. So with a more stable design, better resilience, accurate aesthetics and a lower cost, it’s easy to see why laminate is the preferred alternative to solid hardwood.

Color Trends

Since wood-look laminate is becoming so popular, we’re seeing it follow similar trends as hardwood flooring. Like hardwood, laminate colors in the darkest and lightest tones are growing in popularity. Some designers the choose decor that compliments these colors, while others are using contrasting colors to complete their design. By choosing a color at one of the extremes, you set a foundation to bring your creativity to life.


As we previously noted, laminate flooring can be designed to mimic the texture of authentic hardwood. This is great, as textures are also taking off in 2019. Specifically, we’re seeing growing popularity with textures and aesthetics that reflect a handscraped look. This stems from the larger rustic trend sweeping across interior design, which celebrates all things distressed and weathered. See it in action with our Pigeon Mountain laminate line.

Patterns and Wide Planks

As patterns continue to gain popularity, we’re seeing more designers use large width planks to create unique styles. This presents a unique opportunity for designers: patterns facilitate more creativity, and wide planks invoke a unique aesthetic. Many of our laminate selections are available in a variety of widths.

Trending Laminate Features

In 2019, laminate trends will focus on more than just style; performance is also taking center stage. As we’ve mentioned, one of the top performance trends is waterproof flooring. Though not all laminate selections are waterproof, it was the first flooring type to bring it to the mainstream. Laminate selections that carry this legacy bump up the “worry free” reputation that laminate has earned over the years. Just don’t forget to verify if your chosen flooring is waterproof.

Laminate Installation

Another reason for laminate’s popularity: ease of installation. Laminate floors implementing the click-and-lock method are pieced together like a puzzle (albeit a large one). In fact, many of our customers with no installation experience had no problem laying their new laminate floors. Even better, it can often be installed directly over the existing floors!

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